Monday, April 26, 2010

Day Three/Four

ive been really busy so i havent had time to post in a while, but i lost either 4lbs or 2, haha i weighed myself and forgot to write it down and i weighed myself again and i was 2lbs lighter and then i weighed myself today and i was 2more lbs lighter so ya.
k well i have to go to sleep now. this blog sucked theyll be better. 8)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day Two

yesterday was ok. i was nauseated and irritable, probably because of the pills...i also got really hyper at one point and dizzy for a little bit... i ate scrambled eggs w/bologna for breakfast and chipotles for dinner..i was busy yesterday so i didn't get time to eat lunch.... i also had an interview so i was a little anxious but the pills could of had a part in now im on my second day. just had breakfast (oatmeal) and took my pills.... i hope today goes good, it would be cool if i wasn't all jittery like yesterday haha but that's what diet pills do i guess 8)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day one.

soooo today is the first day i got my pills. im currently taking the leptothin plus and ignite max pills...
so far, im kinda jittery and a little hyper XD
that could be just me being excited about a couple of things going on today..
the reason im taking these pills is because ive struggled to loose weight for the past couple of months...ive actually lost 50lbs from a previous diet. i gained about 20 of that back because of drinking and carelessness with my everyday diet. so here i am getting back on the weight loss wagon 8)